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Elements that Affect Houston Headstone Cost

Houston headstone cost varies based on what you choose for your loved one. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question, “what does a Jewish headstone cost?” Just as your loved one is unique, so will their memorial be. 

We understand that you may have a budget for your loved one’s memorial. Our team is here to work with you to find gorgeous, lasting options that proudly commemorate your loved one. Our services are designed to be affordable and beautiful to help you create a monument your loved one would be proud of.

Houston Headstone Cost - Gaitz Memorials
Wondering how much a Houston headstone will cost? This depends on the style you choose for your loved one.

What Affects Houston Headstone Cost?

There are many different things that can impact Houston headstone cost. Much of this comes down to the raw materials we need to create the memorial. Also, more intricate designs can also affect the cost of the headstone. We are here to offer guidance and support as you design a memorial that honors your loved one. 

Fundamental Costs

The main, basic costs for a headstone generally come down to the materials and the time needed to craft the person’s memorial. We use granite to create Houston Jewish headstones because it is beautiful, durable, and also more cost-effective than many other types of stone. Granite takes thousands of years to form and can be difficult to remove from the ground. 

The granite must also be shipped and taxed. Certain colors of granite come from different continents. Therefore, depending on where the granite you choose comes from, this may increase the Houston headstone cost. 

Also, the time it takes to create the headstone is also a factor in the cost. For example, the most basic headstone is the grass-level marker, as it is generally small, rectangular, and takes less time to create compared to large, custom-shaped monuments. We also have to account for the time and skill it takes to add the name and dates to the headstone. 

Additional Design Elements Affect Houston Headstone Cost

Above and beyond those fundamental costs, there are many other design elements you can choose that influence Houston headstone cost. For example, opting for a custom-shaped headstone does take more time and often more stone to create. Longer inscriptions also take additional time and skill, which can raise the costs of the headstone. Also, added elements like symbols, pictures, and vases can also affect the cost of the headstone.

Therefore, if you’re asking “what does a Jewish headstone cost?” then the best way to understand the pricing is to talk to our experts about what you want the headstone to look like for your loved one. Then we can offer options that suit your needs and provide an estimate.

Houston Jewish Headstones From Gaitz Memorials

At Gaitz Memorials, we create memorials that stand the test of time to help you memorialize your loved one forever. We are here to help you through this process and offer expert guidance and support as you design a headstone that honors your loved one. If you have a budget in mind, please let us know and our team will work with you to find gorgeous options that fit your price point. Call us today at (281) 888-5522 to learn more and start designing your loved one’s headstone.