Houston Jewish headstones with epitaph

Adding Information to Existing Houston Jewish Headstones

There are many reasons why you might need to add more information or other design elements to Houston Jewish headstones after they are placed in the cemetery. In these cases, our team can add inscriptions on-site based on your needs. Our experts achieve this with portable machinery like sandblasting equipment to permanently etch your needed lettering or symbol onto the headstone. In this article, we’ll discuss some common reasons you might need this service, how it works, and some things to consider. 

You Can Add Inscriptions and Designs to Houston Jewish Headstones Later

Houston Jewish headstones with epitaph
You can add dates, names, and epitaphs to existing Houston Jewish headstones after they’re placed at the cemetery.

Many people ask us whether it’s possible to add things to an existing headstone. In most cases, the answer is yes. As long as there’s room on the memorial and it’s in good condition, then we can add inscriptions onto an existing headstone. Our experts go to the cemetery to make additions to a headstone right there. This way, there’s no need to worry about transporting the stone back and forth. It also helps you avoid additional installation fees for the headstone. This is a common service because there are many situations where you might want or need to add inscriptions to existing family headstones.

When You Might Need to Add Information to a Headstone

So, what are some reasons you might need to make additions to Houston Jewish headstones? There are several. One of the most common reasons is if two people have a companion grave marker. This serves as the headstone for both people in the plot. Most of the time, one side has a blank area for the surviving spouse. You can choose to include the name and birth date during the original headstone manufacturing, or you can add that information later if it makes the person uncomfortable. In many cases, we may need to add dates, names, and other information to a headstone once the other person passes away. 

Another reason you might consider adding information to a headstone later is if you needed time to consider what to include on the headstone. For instance, if you need to have the unveiling, but haven’t determined exactly which epitaphs to include on the stone. In these cases, you might include all the basic details like names and dates, but leave space for an epitaph later on. This can give you and your loved ones extra time to decide on what’s right to include on the person’s headstone.

What to Consider for Additional Engravings for Houston Jewish Headstones

There are several things to consider if you want to add inscriptions to an existing headstone. The first is whether the headstone is in good condition. In some cases, our team may need to clean or repair the headstone before adding information. It helps to schedule any repairs before requesting additional inscriptions on a headstone. 

A common question we receive is what the Houston headstone cost is for adding information to the stone. This depends on many factors, so you’ll need to give our team a call for more details. Some things that affect pricing include how much additional inscribing you need, the size, the font, and the complexity of the writing or symbol. 

In addition, it’s important to make sure the additions will match the style of the previous inscriptions. For instance, most of the time you should choose the same font and style. If one side of the date offers just the year and you want to include the date and year, this looks incompatible. You’ll also likely run into spacing issues. Our team can help you choose the right options to ensure the memorial looks good for your deceased loved ones. 

Choose Gaitz Memorials for Your Monument Needs

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