Blank Jewish headstones made of granite

Where Does Granite for Houston Jewish Headstones Come From?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about where the granite for Houston Jewish headstones comes from. But did you know that there’s a long and fascinating history behind this stone? Let’s take a closer look at granite and why we use it for Jewish headstones in Houston.

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What is Granite? Why Do We Use it in Houston Jewish Headstones?

Blank Jewish headstones made of granite
Granite is a good material for Jewish headstones because it’s beautiful and durable.

Granite is an igneous rock that is composed of quartz and feldspar, making it very hard and resistant to weathering and staining. Well known for its beauty and durability, granite is often used in building blocks and headstones because of its unique properties. It has been used in structures for centuries due to its natural aesthetic. It comes in many different colors and features different flecks of color that can catch the light. Granite has quickly become the preferred stone for Jewish headstones because it withstands wear and tear and looks beautiful. 

Houston Jewish headstones are often made of granite, a symbol of both strength and eternity. Granite is a type of hard stone that is durable and resistant to moisture, heat, and other natural elements. This makes it an ideal material for headstones and cemetery markers, as they last an incredibly long time and work well in all kinds of weather.

In the past, most headstones were made of marble because granite was too hard to carve into for shaping and engraving. However, modern tools and methods allow us to shape and etch this hard stone. This allows us to personalize headstones to each person. 

Granite for Houston Jewish Monuments Can Come from All Over the World

Adding a headstone to a gravesite is an important way of memorializing the person who has passed on. Granite is one of the most popular materials for headstones. It comes in many different colors and shades, ranging from grey to pink to black. So, depending on your preferences, you can find just the right color for your loved one. Different granite colors come from different quarries in places all over the world. For instance, a lot of pink colored granite comes from quarries right here in Texas, while blue granites often come from Brazil. This means you have plenty of options available no matter what color and style you are looking for.

The Type of Granite Affects the Houston Headstone Cost

Houston headstone cost is rarely the same from monument to monument. One big factor that affects the cost of a headstone is the source, rarity, and size of the granite stone that will become the grave marker. So, the granite has a huge impact on the final price of your loved one’s Houston Jewish monument.

While there are many types of granite, some are rarer than others. Also, many of these rarer colors and textures are imported in from far away, increasing shipping costs. For instance, blue pearl and imperial white shades often cost more than black or gray granite because they’re rare and they must be shipped in from overseas. Similarly, granite from more local sources tends to be lower in price as well.

Also, take into account that there are lower quality granite stones available for cheaper prices. However, we don’t recommend them for Jewish headstones. The reason being they’re more prone to damage and wear and tear. They also tend to look lower quality, which can distract from the memorial. 

Beautiful Houston Jewish Headstones from Gaitz Memorials

Granite is a popular material for headstones because it is durable, visually appealing, and comes in many colors. The cost of granite headstones can vary depending on where the granite originates and how rare the color is. If you are interested in purchasing a granite headstone for your loved one, be sure to call Gaitz Memorials. Our team will help you select the perfect stone and design a beautiful memorial that will last for generations.

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