cemetery with many good quality headstones for fair Houston headstone cost

Houston Headstone Cost & Headstone Quality

cemetery with many good quality headstones for fair Houston headstone cost
Houston headstone cost can affect the quality of your loved one’s memorial.

When shopping for a headstone for a loved one, most people have a certain budget in mind. Keeping Houston headstone cost within that budget is naturally important. However, choosing the cheapest headstone available may mean you’re working with a dealer who doesn’t prioritize quality. Low quality headstones and monuments may not look as beautiful or last as long as good quality headstones. In this article, we’ll discuss how cost can affect the quality of your loved one’s memorial and how to find a good value without sacrificing quality.

Does Houston Headstone Cost Affect Monument Quality?

Just like any other item, Houston headstone cost can indicate quality. The cheapest monuments tend to use low quality materials and labor, which can affect the look and durability of your loved one’s grave marker. 


granite headstone etching of flower
Good quality etchings and images require craftsmanship and experience.

Cut-rate headstones typically keep costs low by using lower quality craftsmanship. This may be in the form of cut corners in procedures and practices or even using less experienced professionals for creating the headstone. Low cost headstones with poor craftsmanship might show signs of the inferior quality in many ways. For instance, etched lines might not be deep enough, which can make etched words and artwork difficult to see and may be vulnerable to wearing away over time. Other common issues of low quality headstones include lettering issues such as crooked lines. 


Cost also affects the quality of the granite used for Houston Jewish headstones. Granite is one of the most durable options for headstones. It’s a strong, long-lasting material. However, granite comes in different quality grades as well. If Houston headstone cost is low, that may mean the maker is using lower grade granite. The grade of granite used for headstones affects the appearance, thickness, and porosity of the stone. Low grade granite may look less attractive, be thinner, and may be more porous. This can make it difficult to etch and may make the headstone more vulnerable to chipping, discoloration, and other signs of deterioration over time. Therefore, cost can affect the quality and longevity of your loved one’s memorial. 

Quality Houston Jewish Headstones from Gaitz Memorials

When you need beautiful, high quality Houston Jewish monuments, our team at Gaitz Memorials is here to help. We can help guide you through important decisions for your loved one’s memorial, from helping with design to manufacturing a gorgeous headstone for those dear to you. We’ve been creating headstones for the Jewish community in Houston since 2004. Call our experts at (281) 888-5522 for help creating a memorial.