Houston Jewish headstones in a cemetery

Houston Jewish Headstones: Flat vs. Upright

After a loved one passes, it can be difficult to know what to do next. When making choices for Houston Jewish headstones for your loved one, you may wonder what options are right for their memorial. One of the first decisions to make is whether you want a flat or an upright headstone. In this article, we will help you understand the differences between these two memorial options.

What are the Differences Between Flat and Upright Houston Jewish Headstones?

Houston Jewish headstones in a cemetery
There are many different ways to personalize Houston Jewish headstones to your loved one.

Flat headstones, also known as grave markers, sit flush with the grass. They typically sit at the top of the grave and are made of a rectangular granite slab several inches thick. Some flat Houston Jewish headstones use a bronze plaque with words and inscriptions to memorialize the person. Others use words and symbols engraved directly on the granite itself.

By contrast, upright headstones, also known as monuments, feature a vertical granite slab sitting on a sturdy base. Most commonly the epitaphs are engraved directly into the granite of an upright headstone. However, these can also use bronze plaques instead.  There are several differences to consider as you look at options for your loved one’s headstone

Size and Shape

Size and shape are two of the main differences between flat and upright headstones. Flat grave markers are typically smaller than upright monuments. They are almost always rectangular in shape. While most single grave markers are about 24 inches by 12 inches, they can be larger. In fact, ledgers are a type of flat grave marker that covers the entire grave, usually three feet by seven feet. 

Upright Houston Jewish headstones are often much larger than flat grave markers. Also, there are many different shapes to choose from for upright headstones. For instance, you can choose between common standard shapes, like flat, oval, or serpentine shaped at the top. In addition, headstone specialists can create many custom shapes for your upright headstone, such as in the shape of a book, heart, or even more complicated shapes like trees.

Houston Headstone Cost

Another factor to consider is Houston headstone cost. Flat markers tend to be the more economical choice for your loved one’s memorial. Because they are typically smaller and less ornate, you can typically get a flat headstone made of good quality granite for significantly less than an upright monument. Flat headstones typically weigh less as well, which may also reduce the installation costs for the headstone at the cemetery. 

Upright headstones are typically more expensive, both in the headstone price and the cost for installation. This is because they are usually much larger and heavier. They also generally need a little more work to ensure the upright granite slab sits properly on the base. In addition, the more customized the upright headstone, such as through custom headstone shapes or more detailed inscriptions, the more it typically costs. So, keep this in mind as you look at options for your loved one’s memorial. 

Keep the Cemetery Guidelines for Houston Jewish Headstones in Mind

Of course, it’s important to note that your cemetery may have guidelines on what your loved one’s headstone can look like. Most cemeteries have rules about things like size, shape, and type of headstone you can use in the cemetery. Many cemeteries prefer flat headstones, as they make landscaping maintenance easier. Also, flat headstones tend to be less prone to damage because they sit flush against the lawn. However, other cemeteries prefer a more traditional look, meaning sometimes you must choose an upright monument for your loved one’s headstone. Other cemeteries allow you to choose either a flat or upright grave marker. The key thing is to get a copy of your cemetery’s guidelines before making design choices for your loved one’s headstone. 

Beautiful Memorials for Your Loved Ones at Gaitz Memorials

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