Houston Jewish Headstone footstone for grave

Houston Jewish Headstones or Footstones?

Houston Jewish Headstone footstone for grave
Houston Jewish headstones and footstones are a memorial for your loved one.

Houston Jewish headstones are an important part of memorializing your loved one. These mark the grave of your loved one for remembrance and honoring their lives. There are many options for headstones, including the increasingly popular footstone. In this article, we’ll explain what footstones are, why you might use a footstone, and some different options for footstones.

Houston Jewish Headstones: What are Footstones? 

Footstones are very much like Houston Jewish headstones. They are a granite stone that helps mark someone’s final resting place. The main difference is that footstones sit at the foot of the grave, rather than at the head. 

Headstones are currently the more popular option for marking your loved one’s grave. However, more and more people are using footstones. Footstones typically look quite similar to flat Houston Jewish headstones. They typically sit flush with the grass, though they can also be upright. Also, footstones are usually slightly smaller than the average headstone. Because they are smaller than headstones, the Houston headstone cost for these stones are typically slightly less than many other options. This is because they use less material and typically have just enough room to include your loved one’s information and a small epitaph.

How to Use Footstones as a Memorial for Your Loved One

There are many ways you can use a footstone for your loved one’s grave. Traditionally, footstones are paired with headstones. The footstone would feature the initials of the person while the headstone would have more information about the person. In these cases, the footstone acts as a type of barrier of the grave to prevent people from walking on it.

However, standalone footstones are becoming more and more popular, especially because they can save space and money. Of course, you’ll need to check with cemetery guidelines to see if this is an option. With this type of memorial, there is no headstone and the footstone acts as the only grave marker. Typically they are slightly larger than the footstones paired with Houston Jewish headstones to provide enough room to include some information about the person. It essentially is the same as a headstone, but sits at the foot of the grave and is often slightly smaller than the average flat headstone. 

Footstones are also becoming popular for family plots. Where there is a large monument with the family name, there is often less need for large individual grave markers. Therefore, many families use smaller footstones for individual graves inside a family plot with a large family monument.

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