Houston Jewish Headstones: Granite vs. Marble

Choosing options for Houston Jewish headstones is an important part of memorializing your loved one. Two common types of material used for headstones are granite and marble. There are several differences between these two types of stone. In this blog, we will explain some of the differences to help you select the right headstone material for your loved one. 

Choosing Between Marble and Granite for Houston Jewish Headstones

granite Houston Jewish headstones in a cemetery
Granite is a beautiful and lasting option for Houston Jewish headstones.

Marble and granite are two popular options for headstones. Marble was one of the most common types of stone used in grave markers up through the early 20th century, as the stone is softer and was easier to cut and engrave with the simpler tools we had available back then. Granite, on the other hand, is much tougher, making it an ideal choice for Houston Jewish headstones. Today, we have sophisticated tools to make cutting, carving, and engraving hard materials like granite easier and more effective. Therefore, granite has quickly outpaced marble as the most popular type of stone used in headstones. 

Both these types of stones come from quarries all over the world and offer various colors and patterns to choose from. Marble tends to have swirl-like patterns in the rock while granite features gorgeous flecks of color. 

One of the main differences between marble and granite Houston Jewish monuments is how long they last. Marble is a softer stone that is more prone to weathering. Many old marble headstones from the 1800s have eroded to the point they are no longer legible today. Granite, on the other hand, is much harder and stands up to the elements for much longer. While marble has a hardness rating of between three and four, granite’s hardness is between six and six and a half. Therefore, granite headstones typically last much longer than marbles headstones. Marble also is incredibly porous, making it vulnerable to staining over time without regular cleaning, but granite is less prone to discoloration and typically requires less frequent maintenance. So, keep longevity and maintenance in mind when deciding between granite and marble headstones for your loved one. 

Stone Type Affects Houston Headstone Cost

Another key difference between marble and granite headstones is the cost. Choosing marble tends to increase Houston headstone cost, while granite is a more economical option. Granite is generally less expensive, which helps reduce the costs when buying a headstone for your loved one. If you’re working within a budget, granite is likely the better choice for keeping costs manageable but also providing your loved one with a gorgeous, lasting monument to their life. Also, it’s important not to forget to factor in ongoing maintenance costs for cleaning and restoration. Marble needs more frequent maintenance. So, the long-term costs of marble headstones are also quite high compared to granite. That’s another reason why our experts use high grade granite to create lasting memorials for your loved ones.

Gaitz Memorials – Guiding You Through Important Decisions for Houston Jewish Monuments

At Gaitz Memorials, we provide high quality headstone design and manufacturing services for the Houston community. We use high grade granite to create beautiful headstones and monuments for your loved one. Our team handles many of the arrangements for you to make the headstone creation process as simple as possible during this hard time. We help with the Hebrew translation and translation approval from the rabbi and also assist with design recommendations to help guide you through the process during this difficult time. Call us at (281) 888-5522 to discuss your headstone needs with our compassionate team.