Houston Jewish headstones in a cemetery

Houston Jewish Headstones: Repair or Replace?

Houston Jewish headstones help memorialize your loved ones and mark their resting place. While headstones are typically made of strong, durable materials like granite, there is still the chance of damage from things like weather, age, accidents at the cemetery, or vandalism. The good news is that typically we can often repair the headstone to its former glory after these issues. However, there may be some cases where it’s better to replace the stone with a new design or a replication of the old stone. In this article, we’ll help you understand when you might need to repair or replace a damaged headstone.

When to Repair Houston Jewish Headstones

Houston Jewish headstones in a cemetery
You may need repair or replacement to keep Houston Jewish headstones beautiful for your loved ones.

There are many situations where you may need to repair or replace Houston Jewish headstones for your loved ones. Common issues include cracks, faded inscriptions, and sunken or fallen stones. Generally, if the damage isn’t too extensive, then we can often repair damaged Houston Jewish monuments. If you need headstone repair, the first step is to contact our professionals to start the headstone repair process. 

How Does Repair Work for Headstones?

Headstone repair really depends on the headstone and type of damage. However, typically the first step is a thorough cleaning and evaluation. A good cleaning can help us assess the damage and reveal unseen damages hidden by dirt and grime. The key is to be gentle with cleaning to prevent further damage to the stone. 

Next, we will evaluate what kind of repair your Houston Jewish headstones need. For instance, if the lettering and engravings have faded, typically we will need to sandblast them deeper to make the headstone legible again. For cracks in the headstone, we may fix them with an epoxy resin. If the headstone has fallen or sunken into the ground, then typically you will need a new base for the headstone and a re-setting to prevent further issues. Whatever the case, our team will discuss the repair needs and let you know proper next steps.

When to Replace Houston Jewish Monuments Instead of Repair

Naturally, one of the main benefits of repairing a headstone instead of replacing it is avoiding Houston headstone cost for a replacement. Therefore, repair is typically the go-to solution. However, there may be instances where repair simply isn’t possible. It may be that the damage is so extensive that repairs are likely to fail or significantly impact the look of the headstone. 

In these cases, it’s usually best to replace Houston Jewish headstones with a new version. We can help you design a new headstone for your loved one to replace the damaged stone. For some, this means designing a completely new headstone from scratch. However, for others, you may want the headstone to look exactly like the old. No matter your preferences, we can help you create a new, strong headstone for your loved one. 

Serving Our Community Through Headstone Design, Creation, and Repair at Gaitz Memorials

Our team at Gaitz Memorials is dedicated to helping you properly memorialize your loved ones through beautiful, top quality headstones and monuments. We work with you to design and fabricate a headstone customized to your loved one. We use only fine grade granite to ensure your loved one has a lasting memorial. Our team also assists with headstone cleaning, restoration, and repair for damaged or aging headstones. Call us today at (281) 888-5522 to discuss your headstone needs with our experts.