Houston Jewish monuments with granite coping and stone chips

Houston Jewish Monuments: Stone Coping & Chips

There are many types of Houston Jewish monuments to choose from for your loved ones. One popular option that makes a gorgeous memorial is a stone coping with stone chips. These monuments are exceedingly beautiful and can be customized to your loved one. In this article, we’ll discuss coped grave plots and how to memorialize your loved one with this monument option. 

Types of Houston Jewish Monuments: Coped Graves with Stone Chips

Houston Jewish monuments with granite coping and stone chips
Kerbed Houston Jewish monuments are a stunning type of memorial.

Also known as a kerbed grave marker, coped graves are an elaborate and stunning option for your loved one’s final resting place. These Houston Jewish monuments feature stone walls, known as the coping, surrounding the perimeter of the grave. It’s common to fill the area inside the coping with stone chips, pebbles, or glass chips for added visual appeal. However, many also choose to leave the area covered in grass. 

These types of graves also typically use Houston Jewish headstones with personal information of those laid to rest beneath the grave. You can use stone coping around graves of any size. For instance, you can use this type of monument on single, companion, or even family plots. You can even install these memorials at a later date in many cases without disturbing the headstones if you decide later you would like this breathtaking addition to your loved one’s grave.

Why Install Kerbed Memorials for Your Loved Ones

Grave copings are a type of grave plot cover that help your loved one’s resting place stand out. These types of memorials are beautiful and visually striking, offering you even more ways to customize the memorial to your loved one. For instance, you can personalize the granite coping color and texture to match or complement the headstone. Also, if you plan on filling the kerbed area with material, you can choose the type of stone or glass as well as the color to give a unique look for the memorial. 

When graves feature coping and stone or glass chips, this also cuts down on the amount of grass the landscapers need to take care of, which can be beneficial to the cemetery and also help keep landscaping equipment like lawn mowers and weed eaters away from your loved one’s headstone. This may reduce the risk of damage from landscaping equipment. 

In addition, many people understandably dislike the idea of someone walking or standing on their loved one’s grave. Grave markers with coping help define the grave plot and also discourage others from walking upon the area. Many people find this comforting, which is another reason you might choose coped Houston Jewish monuments for your loved one’s cemetery plot. 

However, keep in mind that most cemeteries have specific guidelines on the types of memorials you can install. Some limit the style, size, and other factors. So, always check with the cemetery before beginning the headstone design process.

Houston Jewish Headstones and Monuments from Gaitz Memorials

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