granite headstone from local memorial dealer to keep Houston headstone cost low

Want to Keep Houston Headstone Cost Low? Don’t Order Online!

It seems like you can order just about anything online these days. If you need a headstone for a loved one, you may have come across some online-only headstone retailers. We understand that you may be trying to keep Houston headstone cost low. However, beware that purchasing a headstone online could end up costing you more in the long-run. It can also create many other problems during such a difficult time. We’ll discuss the risks of purchasing memorials online and why you should work with your local headstone experts instead.

How Ordering Online Increases Houston Headstone Cost

We understand that budget may be a concern for your loved one’s memorial. You may be wondering how to reduce costs without skimping on quality or design. Unfortunately, many online retailers promise this, but don’t deliver on that promise. In the end, the cost of the headstone can be much more than if you had worked with a local company. There are several things that can drive up the price of internet headstones. This can often make them more expensive than memorials from a local dealer.

Potential for Problems

granite headstone from local memorial dealer to keep Houston headstone cost low
Ordering a memorial online can make Houston headstone cost more than if you work with local memorial specialists.

At face value, it may seem like headstones cost more when you purchase them through a local company than online. However, this is because trusted local companies do a lot of behind-the-scenes work that online companies don’t. This extra work is to ensure you don’t run into problems that can cost you in time, money, and grief.

One important reason to local experts for Houston Jewish monuments is that we know the cemetery guidelines. Each cemetery has different guidelines for memorials. Guidelines can affect everything from size, shape, color, and content on grave markers. If the headstone doesn’t fit these guidelines, they won’t be placed in the cemetery. That means you end up having to pay for a different one that does. So, ordering from an online company that doesn’t know the cemetery regulations could mean you deal with the hassle and expense of getting two headstones. We can help ensure everything is right the first time. 

Another reason to work with our team instead of an online retailer for your loved one’s headstone is that we take care of not only the Hebrew translation needed, but also getting the rabbi’s approval before we make the stone. Online headstone companies often don’t even offer options for Hebrew characters for headstones. If they do, they typically don’t offer translation services and won’t contact the rabbi for you. By contrast, we take care of all of this for you to ensure accuracy and take all this burden off your shoulders while you grieve. Incorrect translation or not getting approval can drive the Houston headstone cost up either with post-fabrication corrections or to create a completely new headstone.

Hidden Shipping Fees Drive Up Houston Headstone Cost

As you know, granite is heavy. Shipping fees for Houston Jewish monuments can be astronomical. Unfortunately, many online retailers hide these fees to make the headstone cost seem lower. Many people find out that shipping is more expensive than the headstone itself with online headstone retailers.

Even if the shipping fees are reasonable, the shipping process may not be. For instance, if you have the headstone shipped to your home, you probably don’t have a fork lift to move it to a different location. Shipping the headstone to the cemetery may not be an option either, as many will not accept deliveries of that nature. So, you may end up paying a lot more to a third party to pick up the headstone and transport it to the cemetery. 

Lower Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Finally, let’s not forget the old adage “you get what you pay for.” If a price seems much lower than everywhere else, there’s a good chance you will receive a lower quality product. While Houston headstone cost may look much lower, this also means cut corners for granite quality and craftsmanship. The problem with lower quality granite is that it has more soft minerals in it than higher grade granite. This makes it more prone to chipping, discoloration, and degradation over time. Also, poor workmanship for things like engraving can make the headstone illegible in a short amount of time. 

Naturally, you don’t want this to happen. However, often the only solution for these issues after the fact is to order a headstone replacement or pay heavy restoration costs. In the long-term, you can often save money by working with a reputable local memorial maker, such as our team at Gaitz Memorials.

We Specialize in Houston Jewish Monuments

When you need a headstone for your loved one, our team is here to help. We’ve been serving the Greater Houston area for over 17 years. We understand how important and difficult it is to choose a memorial for your loved one, which is why our team offers you the guidance and support you need. Whether you have questions like “what does a Jewish headstone cost?” or need to schedule headstone maintenance services, we are here to help and make things as simple and easy as possible. Please reach out to us today to learn more and start designing a monument for your loved one.