Houston Jewish monuments with picture of person on them.

Can I Put Photos on Houston Jewish Monuments?

Houston Jewish monuments are incredibly personal. You want to create a headstone that really memorializes your loved one and is unique to them. There are many ways to do this, including choosing different granite styles, incorporating different symbols, and including epitaphs and quotes on the grave monument. One increasingly popular option for headstone design is including a photo of the deceased. This is a debated topic in the Jewish community, so it’s important to know some key facts, which we’ll discuss in this blog. 

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Photos on Houston Jewish Monuments

Houston Jewish monuments with picture of person on them.
Some Houston Jewish monuments feature pictures of the passed loved one.

Modern technology allows us to include printed photos on headstones, which is increasingly popular. However, there is some debate on whether this is acceptable for Houston Jewish headstones because of certain Jewish laws. Here are some of the arguments for and against incorporating photos on Jewish headstones:

Arguments Against Photos on Houston Jewish Headstones

There are people who are against the idea of using photos on Houston Jewish monuments. This debate, in fact, is older than you might think. It became very popular in the 1800s to carve a depiction of the deceased person on the gravestone. One rabbi, Rabbi Moshe Sofer, argued against the practice for several reasons, including his opinion that it was against the second commandment not to create graven images and not to worship idols. Since many people pray near the graves of their loved ones, he argued that it could be interpreted as praying to idols if the headstones had images of humans on them. These arguments are much the same in the modern day when talking about printed photos on Houston Jewish headstones. 

Arguments For Photos on Houston Jewish Monuments

However, not everyone agrees that you shouldn’t use photos on Houston Jewish monuments. Some argue that it’s perfectly fine. In fact, it’s becoming more popular in Jewish cemeteries in Europe to see images of the deceased on the headstone to memorialize the person. Some believe that photos of a loved one do not count as a graven image or as idolatry, as they aren’t meant to be worshiped and only remembered. 

When in Doubt, Check with the Cemetery Rules

Whatever your views are, it’s important to check with the specific cemetery. Most cemeteries have rules on what is and isn’t allowed on headstones. There are usually guidelines on the type of headstone, the color of the granite, as well as design elements. If you are considering incorporating a photo on your loved one’s headstone, make sure it’s allowed by the cemetery first. Otherwise, you could end up paying to remove it or even create an entirely new headstone. 

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