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Planning for the Unveiling of Houston Jewish Monuments

Unveiling ceremonies are customary for revealing Houston Jewish monuments for your loved one. These ceremonies, also known as the hakamat matzevah are small, informal, but solemn occasions to help us heal after a loved one departs. If you’re planning an unveiling, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Planning the Unveiling Ceremony for Houston Jewish Monuments

Houston Jewish Monuments with Star of David Engraving
Unveiling Houston Jewish monuments can help with healing after losing a loved one.

Planning a headstone unveiling ceremony can help you honor the departed and also help those left behind heal after the loss. While these ceremonies are generally short and simple, they do involve some planning. 

Before you start planning the unveiling ceremony, it’s important to work with monument specialists to craft the headstone. If you need guidance for design or have questions like “what does a Jewish headstone cost,” our team is here to assist you with honoring your loved one. We’ll work with you to help make sure your loved one’s headstone is done in time for your scheduled unveiling. 

Common Prayers and Readings

When unveiling Houston Jewish monuments, it’s customary to include certain prayers, readings, and speeches. Much of this is up to you and how you would like to honor your loved one. Common readings for unveiling ceremonies include Psalms 23 and 121, the Maleh Rahamim, and the mourner’s Kaddish. However, it’s important to remember that you will need a minyan in order to read the Kaddish. If there are fewer than 10 Jewish adults at the unveiling, then it’s appropriate to leave out the Kaddish recital.

To help personalize the ceremony to your loved one, you might include some poems during the unveiling ceremony, or other readings that help memorialize the departed. Many also give short speeches about the person and fond memories of them. 

It’s also common to include short unveiling ceremony programs with the prayers, readings, and the people who will speak. While this isn’t necessary, it’s a nice way to help attendees follow the ceremony. 

Who Attends Unveiling Ceremonies for Houston Jewish Monuments?

Unlike Jewish funerals, unveiling ceremonies tend to include only close family and friends. While anyone can attend, most unveilings include a small, intimate group to help memorialize the person. 

It’s also customary to send out cards or reminders a few weeks before the unveiling to those you wish to attend. There is typically no public announcement, which is why it’s common to send an unveiling ceremony invitation to those closest to the departed.

Work with the Cemetery to Schedule the Hakamat Matzeiah

When unveiling Houston Jewish monuments, it’s helpful to work with the cemetery for scheduling the ceremony. The cemetery may need to ensure the headstone is placed in time, and they may cover the monument with a cloth veil for you before the ceremony begins. 

Choosing dates for unveiling ceremonies for Houston Jewish monuments is also something to consider. Most families choose a date between the end of the Shloshim period and the first Yahrzeit. Also, typically unveilings aren’t scheduled on Shabbat, the first day of the month in the Hebrew calendar, or during celebrations like Sukkot. Therefore, keep these dates in mind as you consider dates for the unveiling ceremony. 

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Designing a headstone to memorialize your loved one is important to help honor their memory. At Gaitz Memorials, our team is here to help guide you through this process. We offer assistance designing and creating long-lasting monuments and markers for your departed. Our team is here to help you find options to suit your needs, including Houston Jewish headstone costs and timelines considerations. Call us today at (281) 888-5522 for help creating a beautiful memorial for your loved one.