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What does a Jewish Headstone Cost for Inscriptions?

What does a Jewish Headstone cost - Gaitz Memorials
Wondering what does a Jewish headstone cost? First, consider the inscriptions and engravings you want for your loved one.

If you’ve recently had a loved one pass away, you are likely considering how to properly memorialize them with a headstone or monument. You might wonder “what does a Jewish headstone cost?” to help you as you plan. Whether you already have a budget in mind or are exploring options, our team is here to help you through this difficult process. We create beautifully-crafted and affordable headstones and monuments that stand the test of time to help you memorialize your loved one.

Wondering what does a Jewish headstone cost? First, consider the inscriptions and engravings you want for your loved one.

Inscriptions Affect Jewish Headstone Cost

If you’re wondering “what does a Jewish headstone cost?” one of the main elements that influences price is the inscriptions and type of stone engraving you choose for your loved one.

Types Of Inscriptions For Houston Jewish Monuments

There are two main ways to engrave Houston Jewish monuments to personalize them to your loved one: sandblasting and etching.

Sandblasting is the most common way to add design elements to the headstone. When you need etching for your loved one’s headstone, we create a custom stencil with the information you choose to memorialize the person. Then, we use a sandblaster to erode the face of the granite strategically to create the inscriptions. Sandblasting is a great option for letters and line art and is also the most cost-effective headstone engraving option.

Another option to personalize your loved one’s headstone is etching. Hand-etching involves using a diamond tip tool to create images in the stone. Etching is generally better for creating artwork and images on the headstone.

Also, if you’re looking for three-dimensional options for art and symbols, shape carving is a type of engraving that combines both etching and sandblasting. This allows our artist to create a 3D-like image on the face of the headstone. Shape carving is generally better for small symbols like the water pitcher, the eternal flame, or floral symbols.

Hebrew & English Lettering

Inscriptions on Houston Jewish monuments typically include both Hebrew and English words to commemorate your loved one. Often, the headstone will include the person’s name, birth and death dates, and an epitaph in English. Some people choose to have these elements also engraved in Hebrew.

There are also several Hebrew abbreviations that many people choose to put on their loved one’s grave marker. For example, there are Hebrew abbreviations often found on headstones for phrases like:

  • “Here lies”
  • “May his/her soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life”
  • “Blessed memory”
  • “May he/she rest in peace”

The inscription you choose should reflect the person as they were in life to help honor them through their memorial. Much of the answer to the question “what does a Jewish headstone cost?” comes down to the inscriptions you choose for your loved one.

To ensure accuracy, we work with the rabbi for Hebrew translation and approval before engraving it upon the memorial. We take care of this process to make it as simple as possible for you during this difficult time.

What Does A Jewish Headstone Cost? Call Us For An Estimate For A Personalized Headstone

At Gaitz Memorials, we are here to help you design and create a lasting headstone that celebrates your loved one’s life. Our team works with you to keep the Houston Jewish headstone cost as low as possible to suit many different budgetary needs. Let us help you create something special – call us today at (281) 888-5522 to start designing a gorgeous memorial.