Flat Houston Jewish headstone with roses.

Why Choose Flat Houston Jewish Headstones

There are many types of Houston Jewish headstones to choose from. One really popular option is a flat headstone, also known as a flat grave marker. These headstones offer many advantages and may be the right choice for your loved one. In this article, we’ll discuss some reasons you may want a flat marker for your departed loved one. 

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What are Flat Houston Jewish Headstones?

Flat Houston Jewish headstone with roses.
Flat Houston Jewish headstones offer many advantages over traditional upright headstones.

Flat Houston Jewish headstones are headstones that sit flush with the grass. They’re usually rectangular and made of granite. There are different sizes to choose from, but are usually between 24 and 28 inches wide for single markers and between 36 and 48 inches wide for companion markers. 

These Houston Jewish monuments are installed on the ground at the top or bottom of the grave. Most often, they’re found at the top, but if you choose a footstone it will go at the bottom. They will have many details about the deceased, including their name, birth and death dates, as well as personalized information you want on their headstone like symbols and epitaphs. 

Advantages of These Houston Jewish Monuments

There are many reasons you may want flat Houston Jewish headstones for your loved one’s burial site. For one, many cemeteries now require flat headstones. There are a few reasons for this. One is to create a cohesive look full of discreet markers for each individual in the cemetery. Another reason is that flat headstones often make cemetery maintenance easier. Some even say that flat grave markers are less likely to be damaged during lawn care services because they don’t stick out from the ground and are at the same level as the grass. 

Another reason you may be considering a flat marker is because of Houston Jewish headstone costs. Upright headstones and other options tend to cost more than flat cemetery markers. This way, you can still memorialize your loved one with all the design elements you want, but stay within a budget that makes the most sense for your family. 

Flat headstones usually feature plenty of room to design a really beautiful memorial for your loved one. These Houston Jewish headstones are completely customizable. You can choose different granite colors, fonts, and other design elements to really personalize them to the person. You also generally have plenty of room to list not only the traditional information like name, dates, and Hebrew inscriptions, but usually there’s a good amount of space for an epitaph as well as symbols to make the headstone unique. So, consider a flat grave marker for these reasons. 

Beautiful Memorials from Gaitz Memorials

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