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“Being Jewish helps me relate better and, hopefully, gives customers a feeling of being taken care of,” says Sandy, and this is a feeling that the entire team at Gaitz Memorials emphasizes: taking care of our customers. We provide outstanding service, excellent quality, and prompt timeframes for your monument needs.

Houston Headstones, Monuments, and Jewish Markers since 2004

Since 2004, Gaitz Memorials has been creating headstones for the Jewish community in the Houston area. We work hard to ensure this important process is made less difficult by listening, understanding, advising, and crafting beautiful, enduring monuments. We believe in providing compassionate service and craftsman-quality headstones, monuments, and markers for your loved ones. We offer turnkey headstone services to help you during this difficult time by making this process as simple and easy as possible or you.

History of Jewish Headstones

Since ancient history, primeval inscriptions and drawings have been etched into stone for posterity. A monument is an enduring tribute to your loved one that will forever perpetuate their life and their ideals. To help create an appropriate representation of your loved one that will live on, it’s important to carefully consider the quality, style and composition of the headstone.

Our team uses high quality materials and years of experience in monument design and production to help you create a beautiful memorialization of the person. We start by helping you design a headstone that really encapsulates who your loved one was. This will serve as the enduring memorial to their life.

We offer many different types of memorials, including:

Cemetery Markers
Gaitz Memorials

Memorials We Have Made

granite headstones

Headstone Design Experts

Designs include any number of elements. For example, English and Hebrew inscriptions, epitaphs, artwork and symbols, finishes, granite color, and more. We work with you to fully customize each element of the grave marker or headstone. Once we have a finalized design, we send you a full-color drawing that our artist creates to ensure it meets your expectations before production. We also send this drawing to the rabbi for Hebrew approval before production to ensure accuracy. Once we have final approval from you, our artisans get to work creating the gorgeous memorial.

We work with a wide range of Houston cemeteries to ensure your memorial fits any applicable rules or restrictions the cemetery has. We also coordinate headstone delivery to ensure it arrives in time for it to be placed or installed by the cemetery before the unveiling ceremony.

Cleaning and Maintenance

In addition to headstone design and production, we also offer repair, maintenance, and cleaning services for monuments and markers. Our team uses advanced techniques to fully repair and restore memorials to great condition.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can help keep headstones and grave markers in good repair and looking beautiful for years to come. We use specialized cleaning methods to thoroughly clean stone and bronze memorials help in efforts to stop natural stone erosion over time. When damage does occur, our team is here to help repair the monument using state-of-the-art equipment and methods.

Whether you notice a large crack or just need re-etching for fading inscriptions, Gaitz Memorials is here to help you preserve the memory of your loved ones. Give us a call today for professional monument repair, cleaning, or maintenance services.

Contact us today to learn more and get started designing a memorial for your loved one.

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